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It might be that a majority of the poorly formatted content orginally contributed to this article was off topic [1], but the approach was one of stating facts. Sheldon Ramptom's edit summary describing the charitable contribution as a "rant" was beligerant and ungracious toward a donor who responded to the solicitation to "edit this page".

How has it become a prime feature of "Smart Mobs" that those who own the facilities that rally these mobs consider it their privilage to rhetorically bitch-slap those whose contributions they do not appreciate? With such behavior from our nation's so-called progressives and libertine thinkers, it is no wonder the nation's hired prison guards consider it their privilage and obligation to abuse inmates. How many years at Princeton did it take to learn to call an off-topic essay a rant? I could learn more about literary criticism and development of collaborative editing from a University of Pheonix degree. JustNews 17:04, 10 May 2004 (EDT)