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Thanks for drawing my attention to those statements. I have deleted them given they lacked substantiation or were unnecessarily opinionated. I missed the posting when they were originally made. One point though, you are free to edit material out yourself where it it not supported with a citation or rewrite to make accurate. Accompnay major deletions or rewrites it is usually best to explain the reasons for changes (unless it is obvious to all the material is inappropriate) - as well as comments/discussion on content - should be posted to the Talk page (created by clicking on the discuss this page link on the left hand column). cheers --Bob Burton 23:48, 10 Jun 2004 (EDT)

JM's Blog Post on Her SW Page

Yesterday I received an email from Jennifer Mahorasy raising a couple of minor queries about the article on her. I have made the requisite changes and in an email back to her this morning have asked for clarification on another point.

It is also worth noting that she has also posted a note on similar, but not identical, points on her blog at --Bob Burton 02:39, 5 Jul 2006 (EDT)