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Lee Kaplan is an investigative journalist. Although he is listed as a contributing editor at Front Page Magazine, his articles are primarily free lance. Politically, Kaplan is a moderate. Educated at UCLA in Southern California with a degree in writing, Kaplan also has worked as a television actor which he attributes to his undercover skills as an investigative journalist today. He has sometimes gone undercover in disguise, even as a Pakistani, and revealed the inner working of pro-militant Islamist organizations in the United States, both at outside meetings and in the classroom.

He does not conform to one political party or the other and deals with each issue separately. He is against corporate abuse and wants to see Ken Lay jailed, but he is for socialized medecine; he feels the Bush administration, in fact, both US political parties, are corrupted by Saudi oil money, yet he supports the war in Iraq as necessary in the long term to the interests of America and the free world. Still, he criticizes how the war is being waged, feeling that Israel is comparable to Britain at the start of the Second World War and that the US government coddles Arab totalitarian regimes much to our own peril. He has described himself as a secular-agnostic Jew, a libertarian.

He is an ardent supporter of Israel because of Israel's record as a democracy surrounded by totalitarian regimes seeking its demise by trying to portray themselves as fake "liberation" movements. He is fiercely anti-fascist and anti-communist, especially as these movements relate to totalitariansim and has stated he feels it his duty to expose propaganda designed to make support for totalitariansim look like it is forwarding human rights when it will do the opposite. To that end, he feels the creation of a Palestinian state led by the PLO will ultimately lead only to another Iran and more war unless the PLO leadership is somehow removed from the equation. He as extensive knowledge of the Middle East situation and writes frequently about it.

Kaplan has done some very fine undercover work in the United States, particularly regarding the International Solidarity Movement and segments of the anti-war movement that he has shown not to be guided by pacifism, but rather as being allies and potentially funded by enemies of the United States such as the Ba'ath Party and PLO terrorist groups. He has disguised himself in many instances to gain the inner circles of certain Anarchist and Palestinian groups where what they say in public is far different from what they practice outside.

Kaplan's articles are usually meticulously researched and contain almost too much information. Due to his high level of knowledge on terrorism support groups in the United States, he has also been sought after and volunteered his time as a communications director for a homeland security support website, the Northeast Intelligence Network ( and the United American Committee ( He is also the national director of DAFKA (Defending America for Knowledge and Action), an organization that seeks to dispell efforts on American college campuses to make the nexxt generations of American college students to hate Israel and America through indoctrination in the classroom. Kaplan worked for 18 months for Students for Academic Freedom helping to organize the anti-indoctrination organization on US college campuses and even wrote some undercover articles that resulted in some colleges changing curriculum that he proved was not only biased, but untrue indoctrination of American students by foreign interests abroad. Recently he founded Stop the ISM, a national organization of grassroots volunteers that has doen much to curb the activities of the International Solidarity Movement by proving it is a part of the PLO. through his writings and work with a colleague in Israel, he managed to get over 200 ISM "activists," anarchists who went to the West Bank or Gaza to act as human shileds for terrorists, deported. His work has exposed several others since then.

Kaplan's work has also appeared on Campus Watch, the American Thinker, ChronWatch the Center for the Study of National Security, the Northeast Intelligence Network and many others. He is sought after as a public speaker in discussing the campus situation regarding the war on terror and has lectured at Columbia Univesity to the Scholars for Peace in the Middle East.

Pinning Kaplan down on a particular political poistion is not easy. He objects to branding issues only in terms of conservative/liberal or Republican/Democrat in favor of a researched position and conclusion. But once he formulates his views, he is a staunch defender of them. He has appeared on over 65 nationally and internationally syndicated radio shows as well as Fox television to discuss the campus situation via-a-via the war on terror and co-hosts a topical talk show on similar issues in Santa Cruz, California.

He has been accused of being a Kahanist by Santa Cruz radicals, but none of this writings suggest this nor has he ever stated that he was one. False accusations were made by anonymous writers on Indymedia that Kaplan's organization DAFKA allegedly made a death threat against an anti-Israel activist, however, the accusation was supposedly retracted under threat of a lawsuit when the accusation was found to be false. Kaplan states on his website that his organization is non-violent and that his research threatens anti-US and anti-Israel groups who oppose his exposes of them. He has said their criticisms are almost always ad hominem and seldom refute through factual research what he writes about.

Kaplan is scheduled to be at several collegiate debates about the war on terror in the coming year 2006. His articles can be viewed by simply Googling his name.

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Kaplan has made enemies among members of the International Solidarity Movement, a non-violent group of internationals who monitor conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories which Kaplan claims is actually a front group of internationals who act as human shields for Hamas, Islamic Jihad and the PFLP. Kaplan claims he is responsible for the deportation of over 200 ISM activists from Israel. He maintains that information he gathered by attending ISM meetings, frequently in disguise, then providing information to Israeli intelligence led to the deportation of those PLO "human shields," the most notable of which is ISM leader Paul LaRudee, who was deported from Israel during the summer of 2006.

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