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MJ Rosenberg is the author of "IPF Friday," a weekly column on the Mideast distributed by e-mail to 25,000 subscribers. It is widely reprinted in the United States, Israel, and the Arab world, most notably in the Jerusalem Post, Beirut Daily Star, and Al Jazirah. It can be subscribed to (it's free) through
IPF Friday is considered the most influential newsletter on Israeli-Palestinian issues. The line it takes is support for Israeli-Palestinian peace and the two-state solution.
Rosenberg worked for AIPAC in the 1980's but after the Oslo agreement of 1993 broke with the AIPAC approach and became an active supporter of the two-state solution and of both Israeli and Palestinian rights. Previously he spent 17 years on Capitol Hill and five as as political appointee at the Clinton State Department.
In a recent column he wrote that "these days you cannot be pro-Israel without supporting the two-state solution i.e a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza. Official pro-Israel spinners who engage in Palestinian bashing are working against Israel's long-term survival."
Rosenberg also sends regular bulletins to Capitol Hill rebutting AIPAC's promotion of legislation designed to derail Israeli-Palestinian peace.
MJ Rosenberg first came to the attention of the Jewish community when he authored "To Uncle Tom & Other Such Jews" in the Village Voice 1969. A college junior, Rosenberg urged leftwing students not to "support every national liberation struggle but your own: Zionism." That article helped kick off the radical Zionist movement on US campuses.
Rosenberg moved away from that position after Oslo. He continues to support Israel but believes, as he said in a recent article, that "if you are anti-Palestinian, you are also anti-Israel. The fates of these two peoples are linked together. :The Jewish Right, which has no sympathy for Palestinians and would deny them their basic rights -- including a state -- are no friends of Israel. Fortunately those types tend to live in the United States rather than in Israel, although Israel has an extremist minority as dangerous to Israel's future as their colleagues in Brooklyn."