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DDT/malaria media references
Date Title Precis Source Author References
19 April 1999 DDT Ban and Malaria Interview with Australian Malaria Foundation International representative following open letter publication. Date for DDT eradication should be pushed back as it's cost effective. ABC radio (The Health Report) Norman Swan / Annette Gero Malaria Foundation International
30 August 1999 Malaria fears over planned DDT ban Coverage of Malaria Foundation International open letter The Guardian Sarah Boseley Malaria Foundation International, Malaria Project, Amir Attaran
8 September 1999 Opinions vary on fate of DDT A balanced overview of 3 sides of the lobbying of the UNEP Environmental News Network Lucy Chubb Amir Attaran, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Malaria Foundation International, World Wildlife Fund
28 March 2000 DDT Can Be Good for Your Health In the week following UNEP 4th (penultimate) POP meeting, rehearses arguments in favour of DDT spraying indoors. Criticises Roll Back Malaria campaign as "silver bullet". Reason Magazine Brian Doherty Malaria Foundation International, Roll Back Malaria campaign
24 April 2001 Without DDT, malaria bites back Prior to ratification of Stockholm Convention (22 May 2001), restating arguments in favour of DDT; South African experience; the restrictions in the convention are so onerous they'll stop DDT use on their own Spiked online Roger Bate Donald Roberts, Amir Attaran
26 November 2001 DDT and Africa's war on malaria Examines South African lead in re-introducing DDT and Mozambique's reluctance to follow suit. BBC online Mike Donkin Unicef's Melanie Renshaw, Mozambique's Dr Samuel Mabunda, South Africa's Keith Hargreaves
December 2001 Malaria and the DDT Story (booklet) Health agencies and companies are being stymied by groups who won a "partial victory" in Stockholm convention Institute of Economic Affairs Roger Bate, Richard Tren n/a
June 2002 THE DDT BAN TURNS 30 -- Millions Dead of Malaria Because of Ban, More Deaths Likely On day when US senate ratifies Stockholm Convention, implies that it involves complete ban of DDT. DDT has saved 100 million lives. American Council on Science and Health press release Todd Seavey Richard Tren, Roger Bate, Amir Attaran. March 2000 BMJ report
June 2002 Deploy DDT To Fight Malaria Very similar to ACSH report above, with more expert references Competitive Enterprise Institute news release Angela Logomasini Lancet article by A. G. Smith; Amir Attaran and Rajendra Maharaj; Donald R. Roberts
October 2002 To Control Malaria, We Need DDT! Other techniques are not affordable. Loans are given to countries on condition they use other techniques. Disease control rather than vector control is wrong. Speech to Accuracy in Media conference, reproduced in 21st Century Donald R. Roberts Roll Back Malaria
December 2002 MALARIA, DDT & ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION Criticises Ugandan Hon. Lukyamuzi for being an 'armchair environmentalist' on TV debate MEDILINKS.ORG Professor Semakula Kiwanuka Amir Attaran

Medical references

  • Roberts DR, Manguin S, Mouchet J., "DDT house spraying and re-emerging malaria.", The Lancet, 1999. Strong correlation between DDT and malarial incidence