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Overall I think that Kerry is doing some good things for his campaign and in fact may be elected.

Nonetheless, I wish to state for the record that I think the "Born to Run" campaign title is a bit much. Can't you do better than that?

Thank you

If that's what you think, you should look for some way to direct your opinion to the Kerry campaign. This website is not affiliated with the Kerry campaign. --Sheldon Rampton 14:14, 16 Jul 2004 (EDT)

Bush Military Record

Kerry has missed the opportunity to break through Bush's inner circle that knows the truth about Bush's so-called Guard service. The campaign has failed to uncover the fact that Bush was never properly commissioned a lieutenant in the Texas Air Guard. The Guard appointment was used to avoid service in Vietnam. From 1965 to 1974 the Guard Bureau was prohibited from recruiting or assigning positions throughout the Country becuase of the Selective Service System. Who ordered the commission and how was it awarded. For God's sake get the facts. They are available and Bush was unable to destroy all the records. For Instance! Where are Bush's Flight Physicals during his Flight school enrollment. GUESS WHAT! There are no medical records at Scott Air Force Base for Bush because he was never awarded wings. Also, Bush's SSN will not generate a DD Form 214 which is on file for all vetrans such as Kerry. If Rov attempts to create a DD Form 214 the inner circle will self destruct. He walked away from the Guard in 1974 and was never discharged. Bush has a very strong machine that protects him, so be careful.

  • Just wanted to put my two cents in here. Bush would not get a DD214 leaving the service because he wasn't active duty. He'd get the National Guard equivalent (NGB22, sometimes called an ANG22). He's got an interesting NGB22 in any event look at section 32 robjensen 9/6/04 01:39.