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<<shiver>> .. It truly scares me when I put together an article and then read the "News" and there it is!!!! BLAM!!! ... "Shaggy Dog Story" ... So, tell me, did I do this?
AI 5/30/03 12:00 (EST)


I appreciate the content, but it may need to be retitled or otherwise disambiguated. When I clicked on 'media control' I expected something to do with control of the media, not the media's control of the public, generally known as propaganda. 'Media control' connotes, to me, natch, not what, who or how media controls, but who or what controls media: consolidation of media, corporate control of media, the interlocking nature of political, economic, and information making and mediating power . Nothing else on the content page comes as close to those concepts, much on our minds this Presidential campaign.

Come to think of it, and only after a Google search, Noam Chomsky's book of the same title, Media Control: The Spectacular Achievements of Propaganda, occurs to me, and may have been the motive for the page title, but I really don't think the phrase is generally understood as he or this page uses it:

In any case, the page title doesn't seem generally intuitive or particularly descriptive to me. The content is good, don't get me wrong. My wrong turn is an indication that it may not be read by those interested.

Perhaps, 'Media Methods of Control' or something just a bit more descriptive. And it might be cross-linked as a variety of 'Mind Control' in that article

Paul Wilson - I'll register soon, maybe November 3!