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Hi InfoSource, here are a few thoughts about this page:

  • You seem very determined to delete references to Johns's service at Swiss International Air Lines. Why?
  • Please note that the correct format for an article reference in SourceWatch is:
A. Author, "Article Title", Journal Title, date.
When I have the energy I'll convert the article links to this format (or please feel free to do so yourself).
  • Please don't unwikify names, even where they point to an article that doesn't exist yet. The standard here is to always wikify names - this is to encourage people to click the link and create the article.
  • By all means carry the age discrimination lawsuit info in the Gentiva article also, but a direct quote by MJ definitely belongs in this article.
  • Looking at your edit history, nearly all are to do with MJ or companies he has worked for, and appear focused on burnishing his image. Just an observation....

--Neoconned 17:29, 3 Oct 2004 (EDT)