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This article could probably be renamed to either Movement Conservatism or The GOP, Inc.

In any event, it seems that redirection of two to the third is appropriate.

-- was wondering whether it was better condensed and relocated under Republican -- GOP is a name that is only really well known and used within the US whereas outside the US they are known as Republicans. What you think? -- bob

Maybe the next good step would be to remove that content specific to Movement Conservatism and see what's left over. "Movement Conservatism" draws 280 hits on Google, including Conservative and a reference from 1995 at

If it seems like the right move ... move it, M! .. AI

And as if there was any doubt, neocon quarterbacks Dick and Dave spelled it out clearly in today's (1/21/04) New York Times: Big Test for the Contenders .... posted the "good parts" in the Forum earlier, M.

Gist of it is this: "you're either for us or against us" ... you better be "for us" ... if not, we'll extend the offer of a regime change. If that fails, well, it's "spider hole treatment" for you!

Who's next on the agenda? The Saudis, of course ... and this'll be almost worth the watching if it didn't involve more (too many already) U.S. casualties, not to mention insurgents and "collateral damage". AI

Recommend correcting GOP,Inc. by adding a space between the GOP, and the Inc. AI

I'm renaming (moving) this [orphan] article to "Movement Conservatism", renaming "GOP,Inc." to "GOP, Inc." and redirecting it to here.
--Maynard 10:17, 16 Jan 2005 (EST)
Having done that, I've no objection to lowercasing the 'C' --M