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Have there been any pushes to repeal NASPER? Any legislation lately? Any Congresspeople talking about it (especially after Virginia Tech). I think the Controversy section could be much more developed, and there should be a criticism/commendation section, perhaps with some quotes from Bush supporting it.--John Benton 13:22, 11 July 2007 (EDT)

Significance / Why this comes to light

"AmericaBlog picks up on this ABC News report on the Virginia Tech shooter that says there may have been a gap in the federal database regarding his medications:
"Some news accounts have suggested that Cho had a history of antidepressant use, but senior federal officials tell ABC News that they can find no record of such medication in the government's files. This does not completely rule out prescription drug use, including samples from a physician, drugs obtained through illegal Internet sources, or a gap in the federal database, but the sources say theirs is a reasonably complete search.
"John asks, what database? Does the Government keep a list of all of our prescriptions?
"The answer is yes. ..."