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Fraudulent Bulk Orders

Apparently Regnery Publishing is in the habit of creating "buzz" for its books by having false bulk orders placed by phone at bookstores, which results in the books inclusion on "best seller" lists.

In an article in Publishers Weekly(8/24/2004), Jim Milliot and Kevin Howell report that independent booksellers (and some chains) are getting fradulent bulk orders over the phone for "Unfit for Command" and other right-wing titles. Unfortunately for the booksellers, the names are fake, the phone numbers disconnected. In a creative version of the scam, a caller gave the name of an employee at a different book store, along with that book store's phone number.

The scammers target small independent booksellers, because most chains have policies in place to detect and deter such fraud.

It is unclear whether this is a marketing strategy by Regnery itself, or a right -wing grass roots effort. Some bloggers (JuliusBlog, available_light) imply that this is business as usual at Regnery.

Edit note

I have relocated this unreferenced material here for the moment. I found a ref here Regnery Wins Arbitration Ruling Rachel Deahl -- Publishers Weekly, 3/13/2008. It seems there were two cases and indications both would be appealed. -- I'll return to this later.--Bob Burton 17:30, 21 June 2008 (EDT)

Update: In January 2008, all charges against Eagle Publishing where dismissed by a judge in federal court. In March 2008, an arbitrator for the American Arbitration Association found on behalf of Eagle Publishing and forced Richard Miniter to pay back advances made to by Eagle Publishing.