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    • history of publishing baseless conspiracy theories about Democrats
  • FrontPage, editor

Debunked claims

The operations of Hillary's secret police have been copiously documented, to the point where the topic can hardly be called controversial any longer. During the Clinton years, journalists who probed too deeply into Clinton scandals ran terrible risks. Journalists were beaten, wiretapped, framed on criminal charges, fired and blacklisted. They experienced burglaries, IRS audits, smear campaigns and White-House-orchestrated lawsuits.
[...] Starr actively helped to suppress and whitewash evidence of Clinton wrongdoing.
[...] the Vincent Foster cover-up; [...]

A decade's worth of official government investigations -- as well as the tireless efforts of right-wing journalists, led by Christopher Ruddy (NewsMax's founder, president, and CEO) -- have failed to substantiate this charge. (Starr formally declared in 1997 that Foster's 1993 death was a suicide.)