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A journalist correctly pointed out that Robert Strange McNamara is not general counsel for the CIA. Robert M. McNamara, who is unrelated to Robert S McNamara, was appointed by Clinton in 1997 as general counsel to the CIA but now works for ManattJones a DC consulting/government relations company -- bob

Suggest that, because Robert M. McNamara is a Jr., you rename the file Robert M. McNamara, Jr. and provide another differentiation between the two names/men.

Also, when you do rename, you need to add a space between the middle initial M. and McNamara, since there is none. -- AI

Also, put a line at the bottom of each person's name such as:

Note: Robert M. McNamara, Jr. is a separate individual from Robert Strange McNamara.

Finally, you should create a third article called Robert McNamara which contains one-sentence descriptions and links to each individual. That way if someone does a search, they'll have some help in avoiding future confusion.