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Look, don't bother writing dictionary entries or making them available for editing if all you're going to do is write blatantly ideological rants. Why keep up the charade. Reagan was NOT entirely responsible for the budget deficits - Congress was controlled most of his term by Democrats. Deregulation that he carried out was begun by Carter! Much of his deregulation of the American economy and reducing marginal tax rates created 20 years of prosperity. So let's try to be a little evenhanded, ok?

The article in its current form doesn't state that Reagan was "entirely" responsible for the budget deficits. As for "20 years of prosperity" -- Reagan left office in 1988, which was only 16 years ago. The faltering economy was the main reason George Bush lost his bid for re-election four years later. There were eight years of a generally rising economy that coincided with Clinton's time in the White House, and the 3+ subsequent years under Bush have been mostly bad. And in any case, the causal link between deregulation and the economy isn't straightforward to demonstrate. For example, it's perfectly reasonable to assert that deregulation of the energy industry led to California's energy crisis and the collapse of Enron. Deregulation of Wall Street gave us the dot-com bubble, which looked like prosperity but was actually a house of cards.

The current "update" to the Ronald Reagan SW is another unsourced, unreferenced Wikipedia data dump which does not add to SW. The whole article can be referenced in the External Links. Artificial Intelligence 05:58, 3 Feb 2006 (EST)

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Removed the unreferenced statement "Lobbying attempts to place his image on the dime failed." and removed the link to *Ronald Reagan Home for the Criminally Insane which doesn't add anything of value. --Bob Burton 15:46, 29 April 2009 (EDT)