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Roy Gutman is a is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for his reporting in Bosnia and is author of Banana Diplomacy: The Making of American Policy in Nicaragua 1981-1987 and A Witness to Genocide. He is currently the Europe Bureau Chief at McClatchy Newspapers. He was also a Jennings Randolph senior fellow at the United States Institute of Peace and a Washington-based correspondent for Newsday.

Gutman grew up in Hartford, Connecticut. He attended Haverford College ('66), where he studied history, and then the London School of Economics, where he received a degree in international relations.

Balkan War Reporting

Diana Johnstone analyzes Gutman's reportage during the Balkan wars (early 1990s), and raises numerous questions.[1] In particular, Gutman's report on Jadranka Cigelj helped launch the "rape camps" hysteria[citation needed]. He is known to have associated with Cigelj for a long time, and she happens to be a senior propagandist in the Croatian government, and before that in the war propaganda department in Croatia[citation needed]. She was co-chairman of the rightwing HDZ party[citation needed]. It transpires that her claims of having been in a "rape camp" were fabricated, and that this was an elaborate hoax propagated by several US-based PR companies[citation needed].


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  • Diana Johnstone's Fool's Crusade -- this book contains an extensive discussion of Gutman's less than honorable activities during the wars in former Yugoslavia.


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