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Moving the following unreferenced text here. -- Diane Farsetta 10:48, 25 February 2008 (EST)

Dr. Patterson received funding from, which is wholly funded by The National Center for Public Policy Research.

Here is a list of their currently funded political initiatives: • Mexicans should be kicked out • Consider heritage or historical landmarks”pork”, • Want to increase the rights of property owners when endangered species are on their land • Complain about college campus “bias” against Dr. Condoleezza Rice • Slam the press for leaking state secrets, like the NSA spying program • Publish stories against public run healthcare • Think SUV’s are more environmentally friendly than hybrid vehicles • Think, “You Have NO Right to Social Security” • Says that some Republicans have actually turned Marxist • Is against the Law of the Sea Treaty • Reports that secular humanists are trying to ban religion • Took disgraced Tom Delay on trips to the Uk and Russia. All expenses paid of course.

To me this makes his research HIGHLY suspect.