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This "revelation" is an typical and excellent example of the kind of disinformation that people spread in their attempts to smear the Unification Church:

Frederick Clarkson revealed in Salon that Moon's Unification Church played a key role in supporting the Nastion of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan's Million Family March in Washington D.C. "Moon's role in the Million Family March is the fruit of a three-year personal relationship that began when Farrakhan helped officiate at one of Moon's marriage ceremonies at Washington's RFK Stadium in 1997," he wrote. (emphasis added)

By using the word revealed Clarkson:

  • implies that Moon and the UC had been hiding their connection to the NOC and Farrakhan
  • furthers the media-created reputation of the UC as "secretive"

My personal friend David Eaton, head of the New York City Symphony and other Moon-related organizations was the Producer of the MFM. Both the NOI and the UC were open about their cooperative relationship.

My request is that the factoid which is currently the basis of this article be re-cast as the basis of an article exploring media hostility toward the UC, an innocent church which has suffered a relentless disinfo campaign. --Surfer Dude 15:07 15 Dec 2003 (EST)

Surfer Dude -- is there an earlier public source on the support provided by the UC/Moon for Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam? Is so then I take your point about 'revealed' -- though it can also be used in the sense of making a broader audience aware of something that wasn't so much a secret as not widely known. --bob

Burden of proof is on those making the claim (or insinuation) that the relationship was clandestine. This being an "SourceWatch", I was SURE that people would jump at the chance to uncover media manipulation. I'm not good at researching stuff like that, I thought Sheldon and the other experts might be. --Surfer Dude, aka Uncle Ed @ Wikipedia
Or, if Ed objected to the word "revealed," he could have simply changed the word to "reported," as I just did. That would have been simpler than starting a debate about the term on the talk page. --Sheldon Rampton 00:02 19 Dec 2003 (EST)