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Tamiflu is an influenza drug that was developed and patented by Gilead Sciences. In 1996 Gilead reached an agreement with Roche to allow the company to manufacture and market the drug. [1]

Fleishman-Hillard's Role Advising Roche

"Fleishman-Hillard is counseling Roche, which now says it is doing everything possible to meet the demand for Tamiflu, according to Michael Rinaldo, head of F-H's health group in New York," O'Dwyer's PR Daily reports. "Roche says it is 'doing everything possible' to meet demand for flu drug." The company's reputation took a hit last month when it appeared to be "more eager to protect its 'monopoly' on its Tamiflu - the vaccine most effective in fighting bird flu - than preventing a worldwide avian flu pandemic," O'Dwyer's reported in November 2005. [2]

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