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Tammy Lyles Cali, also known as Tammy Lyles and Tammy J. Lyles, is a Senior Account Executive and a member of the "Leadership Team" of Bruce W. Eberle's Eberle Associates, formerly the Eberle Communications Group, Inc. [1], and Fund Raising Strategies, Inc., also owned by Eberle. [2]

Tammy Lyles is executive director of conservative front group Free the Eagle. As recently as March 2006, she signed a letter on behalf of Free The Eagle as "Tammy Lyles".

In September 2003, Lyles, listed as a consultant for Eberle Communications Group, contributed $100 to Libertarian candidate Gary Nolan for President, according to Federal Election Commission records. [3] In 2002, "[f]or most of the campaign, Nolan led the field of candidates; however, controversy over his involvement with Tammy Lyles sunk his candidacy. Lyles, a fixture at meetings of the Religious Right, paid large settlements to the Federal Election Commission for violations of campaign finance laws." [4]

Lyles was "(and perhaps still is)" the treasurer of RUFF-PAC, Howard J. Ruff's political action committee. [5]

See Free The Eagle article for details on relationships between Lyles and Gary Nolan and RUFF-PAC.

In 1999, Lyles was vice president of Capitol Watch, described as "a conservative activist group". [6]


According to her biographies posted at Eberle Associates and Fund Raising Strategies, Inc., Tammy Lyles Cali "brings a wide range of direct marketing experience to her role as an Account Executive with Eberle Associates. She has served as the Chief Executive Officer of several non-profit organizations that depended on direct mail for their primary financial needs. She has also run a company specializing in list brokerage and management for non-profit organizations. ... Cali "has served as a professional dance instructor and has taught in many dance studios throughout Northern Virginia as well as joining with a company to market a new concept that brought dance to children instead of making them go to the studio. ... While politics is her main hobby, in her spare time she enjoys many activities including traveling, billiards, fishing, golf and other outdoor activities."

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