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Tara McGuinness is a Democratic political operative who is working for Progressive Media, a pro-Obama messaging machine founded by Tom Matzzie, David Brock and Center for American Progress.

Work with Matzzie and MoveOn

Tom Matzzie write, For three years I led big efforts to end the war in Iraq with MoveOn.org and also freestanding campaigns on the war known as Iraq Summer and Americans Against Escalation in Iraq. In the end, with collaborators like Nita Chaudhary, Tara McGuinness, Eli Pariser and others, we probably organized more than 30,000 candle vigils, thousands of protests, millions of calls to Congress, dozens of TV ads, millions of signs and stickers, town hall meetings, emails, blog posts, prayers and more from the White House to Crawford, Texas and in hundreds of cities and towns across America."[2]

Articles and Resources

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