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TargetPoint Consulting, Inc. (TPC), a "full service public opinion and market research firm" based in Alexandria, Virginia, was founded in 2003 by Alexander P. Gage, the firm's president and creator of political microtargeting, "which ushered in a new era in consumer/voter targeting." [1][2]

"TPC is best known for its pioneering work in the field of political MicroTargeting, a technique that merges together customer-relationship management technologies, advanced marketing techniques and traditional political targeting. MicroTargeting allows candidates, campaigns and businesses to go beyond broad-brush demographic and geographic targeting, and instead move into highly refined, individualized messaging," its website states. [3]

"As the exclusive supplier of MicroTargeting research and data to the Republican National Committee, the Bush-Cheney '04 campaign and several Fortune 500 companies, TargetPoint Consulting offers the gold standard in voter-relationship management," its website states. [4]

MicroTargets for Bush-Cheney '04

TargetPoint, Thomas B. Edsall and James V. Grimaldi wrote in the December 30, 2006, Washington Post, was able to:

"Delve into commercial databases that pinpointed consumer buying patterns and television-watching habits to unearth such information as Coors beer and bourbon drinkers skewing Republican, brandy and cognac drinkers tilting Democratic; college football TV viewers were more Republican than those who watch professional football; viewers of Fox News were overwhelmingly committed to vote for Bush; homes with telephone caller ID tended to be Republican; people interested in gambling, fashion and theater tended to be Democratic.
"Surveys of people on these consumer data lists were then used to determine 'anger points' (late-term abortion, trial lawyer fees, estate taxes) that coincided with the Bush agenda for as many as 32 categories of voters, each identifiable by income, magazine subscriptions, favorite television shows and other 'flags.' Merging this data, in turn, enabled those running direct mail, precinct walking and phone bank programs to target each voter with a tailored message."

RNC Receipts

2004 Campaign Cycle

The Center for Responsive Politics reports, based on Federal Election Commission records, that between January 2004 and June 2005, the Republican National Committee paid Target Point Consulting $2,796,522 for "political consulting", $450,949 to conduct surveys, $2,700 for mailing costs, and $720 for "data enhancement".

2006 Campaign Cycle

According to Federal Election Commission records of "Itemized Disbursements" made in February 2006 by the Republican National Committee, TargetPoint Consulting, Inc., at 107 S. West Street PMB 256, Alexandria, Virginia 22314, was paid $200,000 for "Political Consulting". [5]

In addition, the Center for Responsive Politics reports that between August 2005 and July 2006, the Republican National Committee paid TPC $1,050,000 for political consulting, $171,000 for microtargeting, $54,000 for "FEA: Voter ID", $6,000 to conduct a survey, and $669 for travel reimbursement. [6][7]

Products and Services

According to TPC's website, the firm also provides:

  • MicroTargeting & Market Segmentation
  • Political & Public Policy Campaign Strategy & Management
  • News & Information Flow Evaluation
  • Reputation Development Evaluation
  • Corporate Communications Evaluation & Management


Contact Information

66 Canal Center Plaza No. 555
Alexandria, Virginia 22314
Phone: 703 535-8505
FAX: 703 535-8517
Email: info AT

Note: also lists TargetPoint at 1240 North Pitt Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-5600, Phone: 703 535-8505. [8]

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