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Tawfik Hamid is purportedly a former-terrorist turned into terrorologist. He was interviewed for The Third Jihad, an anti-islamic film produced by the Clarion Fund.

From The Third Jihad: About Us: profile:

Hamid was born in Egypt to a secular Muslim family. As a teenager Hamid joined Jammaa Islameia, a terrorist organization led then by Ayman al Zawahiri. Hamid was chosen to debate and criticize Christians. To fulfill this role he started to read the Bible and began to realize his fundamental disagreements with terrorism. Hamid began speaking regularly in mosques where he developed a peaceful understanding of Islam, compatible with human rights offered in Western society. Hamid is now a medical doctor who also holds degrees in psychology and education. In media interviews and at lectures at UCLA, Stanford and Georgetown University, Hamid speaks out against Jihadism. His most recent book is The Roots of Jihad.[1]

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