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In 2012 he spoke at the Open Mind Conference Skanderborg, Denmark.

"Aside from promoting inane myths about World War I, Boardman holds a range of remarkable views on the nefarious plans of "the New World Order" and the dastardly deeds of "the Anglo-American elite," with their "continuous attempts via the media to associate Germany with Nazism and the Holocaust" (imagine that!). Boardman laments the unfortunate fact that "the Swastika sun-symbol" was "crushed between two lands of the star: the ahrimanic blue of the west (USA) and the luciferic red of the east (USSR)". And there's lots more where that came from. In 2005 Boardman edited the new edition of Steiner's wartime lectures, The Karma of Untruthfulness, published by Rudolf Steiner Press. It's hard to get more mainstream than that within the universe of Steiner's followers." [1]

For commentary on the EU, Boardman refers his blog readers to the conspiracies of Andy Thomas. [2] He is the author of Mapping the Millennium: Behind the Plans of the New World Order (1998).

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