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Texas Department of Health (Administers TX state Medicaid program): one of the state agencies charged with the administration of the State Medicaid program.


The Texas Department of Health is located at 1100 W. 49th St., Austin, Texas 78756, (512) 458-7236. The Texas Department of Health (TDH) is one of the state agencies charged with the administration of the State Medicaid program. The agency's Division for Health Care Financing, Bureau of Purchased Health, is likely to have information regarding state Medicaid program expenditures and participation. Randy Washington and Steve Scarborough are likely to have knowledge of information that bears on these issues. In addition, the following TDH divisions, bureaus and programs are likely to have information that relates to the adverse health effects of smoking: Bureau of Chronic Disease Prevention and Control; The Public Health Region: Lubbock, Arlington, Houston, Temple, San Antonio, and El Paso; The Bureau of Vital Statistics; The Bureau of State Health Data and Policy Analysis; The Health Care Information Council; The Bureau of Epidemiology; and The San Antonio Chest Hospital and the South Texas Hospital -- Harlingen, the two state funded hospitals overseen by the TDH. The Texas Department of Health is also charged with the enforcement of certain statutes and regulations regarding the access of minors to tobacco products. Mike Harris is likely to have knowledge regarding this information. The Texas Department of Health was established in 1879 to protect and promote the health of the people of Texas. The department is the largest of the health and human services agencies when ranked by total appropriations and is granted the second largest appropriation of all state agencies. (Fiscal Size-Up 1996-1997, Biennium Texas State Services, LBB)

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