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The Change Agency "is a collective of activist educators and researchers. We work with community organisers to help people clarify their purpose and develop plans that will enable them to be heard, focus their energies and achieve social and environmental justice outcomes." [1]

They note that: "Between 2002 and 2004, we led workshops with more than 3000 people for less than $20,000. As we’ve found additional resources to support our work, we have been able to work more sustainably, build stronger relationships with the organisers, organisations and networks we support, and provide support to more diverse groups throughout the region." [2]

In June 2008, the Change Agency launched an initiative in collaboration "with Friends of the Earth (FoE) Australia and Greenpeace Australia Pacific with the support of the Reichstein Foundation and the Electronic Community Networking Association" which "aim[ed] to understand how the Internet is being used to build this movement in Australia, and how online tools might be used to greater effect." [3]


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