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The Management Center, according to its website, has as its mission "to instill the management practices that make it easier for these nonprofit leaders, and their organizations, to get outstanding results in pursuit of their missions. We do this by providing direct assistance and coaching to client organizations, and by offering publications and training to the broader field. Our aim is to see more strong, effective nonprofits truly changing the world. ounded in 2006, we have worked closely with more than 75 client organizations, focusing in particular on progressive organizations working for social change, and have also trained hundreds of individual leaders." [1]


"Jerry brings to The Management Center his dual passions for promoting social change and creating high-performing organizations. His previous roles include serving as the President and CEO of the Advocacy Institute and as the Chief Operating Officer at Teach For America"

Sam was a member of the team that founded Genocide Intervention Network, a human rights advocacy organization.

Emily worked on national and international campaigns for Corporate Accountability International. She holds a degree in French and International Relations from Ohio State University.

Elizabeth worked at Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays PFLAGNational as a field organizer and then as the Director of Policy and Programs.

  • Iimay Ho – Director of Operations and Finance


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