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The Natural Edge Project (TNEP) "is an independent Sustainability Think-Tank based in Australia. TNEP operates as a partnership for education, research and policy development on innovation for sustainable development.

"TNEP's mission is to contribute to and succinctly communicate leading research, case studies, tools, policy and strategies for achieving sustainable development across government, business and civil society. Driven by a team of early career Australians, the non-profit Project receives mentoring and support from a range of experts and leading organisations in Australia and internationally.

"TNEP's main activities involve undertaking research, creating education material and curriculum, and developing industry and economic policy. This research is supported by a range of grants, sponsorship (both in-kind and financial) and donations. For example, the project is administratively hosted in-kind by Griffith University and ANU and they provide oversight and financial accountability for the use of TNEP funds. Previous to this The Institution of Engineers Australia incubated and hosted TNEP as a special project from 2002-2006. [1]

The Natural Edge Project: Mentors

TNEP notes that they are "Assisting Education for Sustainable Development" for the oil giant Santos, and key US military *[[contractors like KBR Government & Infrastructure. [2]

"Selected KBR staff attended workshops, courses and seminars by The Natural Edge Project (TNEP). These resulted in the development of an in-house sustainability program through which we will educate and support our wider staff in the Asia Pacific region as the field of sustainable engineering continues to develop. This program has set the benchmark for our global counterparts in KBR and has provided a robust framework upon which we can build a sustainable future. We will continue to collaborate with TNEP as we progress towards sustainability."
Bridget Kelly, Sustainability Technical Sector Leader
KBR Government & Infrastructure.

Steering Committee

Accessed May 2008: [3]

Advisory Board

Accessed May 2008: [4]

Project Patrons

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