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The New Media is an independent, publicly supported, new media publication dedicated to bringing the reader the most accurate news and opinion on the Internet. ," according to its website


"The New Media is not affiliated with any of the alphabet media organizations. The New Media is not supported by any political organization. The New Media is a group of non-compensated, independent writers bringing common sense, fact-based commentary to the public in the midst of the mainstream media's blatant, agenda-driven bias. The New Media is an educational effort." [1]

The New Media Journal supports -- but is not affiliated with -- The New Media Alliance, doing so by accepting some of their writers' material. The New Media Journal accepts no financial benefit from The New Media Alliance, which is a foundation established by Heritage New Media Partners, Inc., a public relations company, nor does it benefit from any physical distribution of materials by the New Media Alliance.

The New Media Journal site's metadata references The Heritage Foundation and the Alliance Defense Fund, conservative-leaning organizations, as well as The New York Times and other liberal leaning publications and organizations.

Progressive-Left operatives have tried to intimate that The New Media Journal is in operative alliance with organizations such as the New Media Alliance but this claim has been proven to be false. The New Media Journal is an organization independent of influence from all ideological organizations.

In May of 2006, Google banned The New Media Journal for exploring the subject of radical Islam and jihad citing "hate speech." The New Media Journal was returned to the Google Index after Google was confronted on the issue but the publication is still limited in coverage by their general index.


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