Theodore Frederick Weihe

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Theodore (Ted) Frederick Weihe is "currently a senior advisor to Land O’Lakes International Programs, Mr. Weihe has worked in over 50 developing and transitional countries on cooperative development including two telecommunications coops in Poland, dairy sectors in Eastern Europe and Latin America, electrification and cattle coops in southern Sudan and micro-insurance including the first Caribbean-owned insurance company in Barbados. He has written extensively on cooperative development, conducted over 35 field evaluations and managed which is a center of excellence that receives over 40,000 hits a month. He helped form one of the largest civic NGOs in Chile that was instrumental in its return to democracy. He was a founder of the U.S. Global Leadership Campaign – composed of 400 multilateral businesses, NGOs and other groups - that helped change the climate on the Hill and doubled foreign aid. Formerly, he worked in USAID on cooperative development as an advisor to Peter McPherson, in Congressional Affairs from 1976 to 1982. He holds degrees from Georgetown and the University of Virginia." [1]

Member of USAID's Advisory Committee On Voluntary Foreign Aid.

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