Theosophical Society of America

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Theosophical Society of America

The American Theosophist Official Journal of the Theosophical Society of America in April 1979, Volume 67, Number 5 included the following: Contents : Excerpt from the Tao Te Ching -- Art sanity and sacred order / Jose Arguelles -- The natural mind of man / J. Wesley Burgess -- Holistic world views of physicists and mystics / Fritjof Capra -- The way up is the way down / Joy Mills -- Toward an integral life / M. P. Pandit -- An holistic merger of biofeedback and family therapy / Erik Peper and Casi Kushel -- The source and the seeker / Jean Raymond -- The holistic vision: building a culture of connectedness / David Spangler -- Development and transcendence / Ken Wilber. The editor was Dora Kunz. [1]

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