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Thomas Mold: Plaintiff


Dr. Thomas Mold was assistant director of research for Liggett & Myers from 1955 - 1979. (NYT 5/13/94). Dr. Thomas Mold says that his group had created a safer cigarette in research that began in 1955, and that the product was ready for the market by 1979. Dr. Mold says he was told in 1979 that there had been a vote of company Executives, on the advice of lawyers, that the company should not produce a safer cigarette (NYT 5/13/94). "We wrote up the work we had done in a paper for publication, but we were not allowed to publish it. It describes what we did, how we did it and what the results were." (NYT 5/13/94). See Mold, James Dr., TTLA Almanac - Names. See Personnel List Part 1: Presumed Pro-Plaintiff.

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