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Tim Slagle is a comedian who has provided support to the making of "Michael Moore Hates America" film.

In 1989, Slagle first appeared nationally on the Showtime Comedy Club Network, and again in 1991 on the MTV Half Hour Comedy Hour.[1] MTV is wholly owned by the Viacom corporation.[2] In 2000 he also produced and starred in a brief run of a Minneapolis television show: The Mudslingers Ball, alongside Lewis Black, Will Durst, Jeffrey Jena, and host Mike Lukas. It aired on KSTP channel 5, an ABC affiliate. [3]

He makes the greatest share of income performing comedy in small town Biker Bars, Bowling Alleys, and Holiday Inn Lounges across America.[4] He drives to most of those performances.

He has also been part of David Horowitz Restoration Weekend.[5]

He is known as a global warming denier.[6][7]

Slagle performed at the 15th anniversary celebration of the Heartland Institute.[8]

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