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Timothy M. Finnegan was an attorney with the tobacco industry law firm of Jacob & Medinger. He worked defending producers of smokeless tobacco (snuff).


Timothy M. Finnegan worked for Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan.[1] He was an attorney in the New York legal partnership of Jacob, Medinger & Finnegan from 1979-1986.[2] He was also an attorney for the United States Tobacco Co. in 1987 [3].

At a meeting with J. Kendrick Wells III circa 11/79, Finnegan said that no research was being done on the constituents of oral snuff. Finnegan said the best position for the Smokeless Tobacco Council (STC) was that it was the other side's duty to produce allegations about tumorigenicity.(NLJ 5/23/94). Finnegan defended the U.S. Tobacco Company in the Sean Marsee (smokeless tobacco) case.(L. White, Merchants 1988). Finnegan warned corporate staff at a meeting in ? (date unknown) that the industry was safe as long as juries do not "see us as merchants of death."[4].


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