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Timothy Schwartz chief Technology Officer of Fame Game.

Schwartz "is a PhD in Cultural Anthropology (2000) from the University of Florida, Gainesville, where he studied under some of the top Cultural anthropologists and specialists in Haiti and the Dominican Republic, including Marvin Harris, Russ Bernard, Gerald Murray, and David Geggus. He has lived and worked on Hispañiola for sixteen years.

"First a specialist in Haiti, he spent two years living in a Haitian fishing village, part of a dissertation project funded by the National Science Foundation, and three years living and working among peasant farmers. In addition to directing five major studies in rural Haiti for the German Government, USAID and multinational NGOs, he has walked, biked, sailed, fished and paddled most of Haiti and its coasts and much of the Dominican Republic. In 1998 he and two other Cultural Anthropologists from the University of Florida researched and wrote the most cited Haitian/Dominican border study to date; he conducted an extensive social survey of the role of campesino women in conservation in the Cordillera Central (Bermudez and Rancier National Parks); researched and wrote the socio-economic diagnostic for the UNESCO Bahoruco-Jaragua-Enriquillo bio-reserve; and carried out dozens of surveys in impoverished barrios throughout the DR and Haiti. Over a period of 18 months he lived and conducted research in a squatter settlement in the capital city of Santo Domingo. He has produced several publications, including an encyclopedia entry for Haiti in "Countries and their Cultures" (by McMillan), a doctoral dissertation on rural marital patterns and subsistence strategies, a master's thesis on migration and illegal Caribbean boat voyages, one book about development in Haiti, due to be published this in 2006, and two books in the editing process." [1]


  • Fewer men, more babies: sex, family, and fertility in Haiti (Lexington Books, 2009).
  • Travesty in Haiti: A True Account of Christian Missions, Orphanages, Fraud, Food Aid and Drug Trafficking (BookSurge Publishing, 2008).

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