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The Tobacco Action Team was a group of high-level Philip Morris Corporate Affairs and legal executives who joined together to determine ways the company could fight legislative and regulatory attempts to minimize the public health harms caused by tobacco. The group was the predecessor to Philip Morris Worldwide Regulatory Affairs department.

It was established in April, 1994 to address high-profile tobacco issues in the legislative and regulatory environment. As the issues developed and the department's staffing stabilized, the team was formalized as the Worldwide Regulatory Affairs Department (WRA) under Philip Morris Management.

It is this department's mandate to manage and direct the corporate affairs, legal and scientific support for Philip Morris' positions and to coordinate opposition inside and outside the company on issues related to cigarette ingredients, potential regulation of cigarettes by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, nicotine content, ignition propensity and smoking bans. [1]


In 1994, the Tobacco Action Team staff consisted of Thomas Collamore, Victor Han, Barry Holt, Kathleen Linehan (also known as "Buffy Linehan"), Ellen Merlo, David P. Nicoli, Steven C. Parrish, Charles R. Wall and Craig Fuller.[2]

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