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The Tobacco Merchants Association of the United States (TMA) is a non-profit organization consisting of groups and individuals from all segments of the tobacco industry, tobacco service industries and the financial community. TMA was founded in 1915 to "foster and promote...the welfare of the tobacco industry." TMA acts as a "think tank" for the tobacco industry, collecting, analyzing and disseminating information on issues affecting the industry. Its membership consists of cigarette, cigar, snuff and chewing tobacco companies, tobacco leaf dealers, wholesalers, retailers, importers, suppliers, financial companies and foreign tobacco manufacturers. [1]


Tobacco Merchants Association
Post Office Box 8019
Princeton, New Jersey, USA 08543-8019
Phone: (609) 275-4900
Fax: (609) 275-8379
E-Mail: (Replace the "AT" with an @ sign)

Tobacco Merchants Association Web site:


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