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  • Dowsing and Archaeology Turnstone Books (Wellingborough, England), 1980 - Perhaps half of the book is taken up with papers written in the early 1950s by Guy Underwood, better known for his much later, and highly influential, posthumously-published book The Pattern of the Past.
  • The Essential TC Lethbridge Co-edited with Janet Hoult; foreword by Colin Wilson. Routledge and Kegan Paul (London), 1980
  • Inventing Reality: towards a magical technology; Gateway Books (Bath, England), 1986/1990
  • Needles of Stone Revisited; Gothic Image (Glastonbury, England), 1986 - Originally published as Needles Of Stone by Turnstone Books back in 1978, with a mass-market paperback by Granada Publishing, this revised edition is essentially a reprint with more footnotes and an addendum bringing it up to date (at the time), with particular reference to the Dragon Project research on physical energies (infra-red, ultrasound, microwave, cosmic-radiation anomalies and so on) at stone circles and similar sites.

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