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Tom Matzzie according his self-published LinkedIn page accessed April 7, 2012, Mattzie is a "Clean Energy Entrepreneur," the "Founder & CEO of Ethical Electric," and a Principal in Gladius. [1] He is an online social entrepreneur who has built or led some of the largest Internet mobilizations in progressive politics since 2000. He was formerly Washington Director of and most notably led their campaigns to end the war in Iraq. More recently he worked as a political consultant.[citation needed]

Matzzie Biography

As the Washington Director for Matzzie oversaw "legislative advocacy on a range of issues including the war in Iraq, Social Security, the Courts, the Environment, budget and tax issues and other issues important to MoveOn’s then 3.3 million members.

Prior to joining MoveOn Tom was Director of Online Organizing for the Kerry-Edwards campaign — managing an organizing program for the campaign’s 2.8 million person e-mail list.

From 2000 to 2004 he was Online Mobilization Director at the AFL-CIO building the union movement’s Internet program — including the 3.2 million e-mail activists on the lists of the unions of the AFL-CIO.

He has appeared on TV shows and syndicated radio, and he has been quoted The New York Times, the Associated Press, The Washington Post and other major daily publications. He blogs for The Huffington Post.

Collectively his online campaigns have raised more than $150 million for causes.[citation needed]

He was the Campaign Manager for Americans Against Escalation in Iraq (AAEI). He also previously ran the Campaign to Defend America and Progressive Media USA.

"Tom has worked in progressive politics for more than a decade - with, the AFL-CIO, Campaign for America's Future and campaigns at the presidential and statewide level. At MoveOn, he created ground-breaking campaigns on corruption and the war in Iraq that set the stage for the 2006 Democratic takeover. The MoveOn 2006 election program successfully targeted for defeat 29 out of 36 Republicans." [2]

Matzzie holds a degree in Economics and International Peace Studies from the University of Notre Dame." [3]

He has also served on the Board of Directors of Progressive Majority and on the Advisory Board of the Rocky Mountain Leadership Institute. [4] More recently he is on the Advisory Board for the Community Power Network which supports adoption of community scale renewable energy. He teaches digital strategies to online organizers at the New Organizing Institute.

"The Politico wrote that the intensity of his 2007 Iraq campaign, "rattled the entire Republican caucus." The New York Times Magazine said of the Iraq campaign that they are to progressives, "…what the NRA is to the Right." [5] "Tom was named one of the "Forty Under Forty to Watch" by Washingtonian Magazine for his role as a leader in the emerging Internet-powered politics." [6]



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