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Total Intelligence Solutions, LLC is an intelligence gathering and analysis company launched by Cofer Black and Robert Richer in February of 2007, which Black stated in a media release "brings the intelligence gathering methodology and analytical skills traditionally honed by CIA operatives directly to the board room."[1]


Black, with a 28 year career at the CIA in the Directorate of Operations ending as Director of the CIA Counterterrorist Center, along with Richer, former Associate Deputy Director for Operations at the CIA, merged The Black Group, Terrorism Research Center, Inc., and Technical Defense to "bring CIA-style intelligence services to Fortune 500" companies.[1]

"By fusing the resources of these three companies together, we can offer an established worldwide network of experts who can assess the global economic, social and political sensitivities that Fortune 500 companies need to navigate," Richer stated in a 2007 media release.[1]

"With a service like this, CEOs and their security personnel will be able respond to threats quickly and confidently -- whether it's determining which city is safest to open a new plant in or working to keep employees out of harm's way after a terrorist attack," said Cofer Black in the company's February 20th, 2007 press release.[1]

Cofer Black and COO Enrique Prado both hold positions at Blackwater USA and Robert Richer left his position there as VP for Intelligence to run TIS. On its website TIS states that "Despite media reports to the contrary, Mr. Richer departed Total Intelligence Solutions in February 2008. The TIS leadership team appreciates Mr. Richer's prior contributions to the company and the departure was amicable for all parties involved."[2]

Though billed as non-Blackwater company, TIS is the merger of three companies, one of which is the Terrorism Research Center, which is owned by Blackwater founder and owner, Erik Prince.[3]

In 2007 TIS was a member of the International Peace Operations Association, with David Hammond from the law firm Crowell & Moring LLP representing the company as chair of IPOA's General Counsels Committee.[4] As of February 2009, it is no longer listed as a corporate member.[5]


TIS offers to the business community [1]:

  • Identify transactional risk
  • Manage reputational risk
  • Comply with AML/CFT requirements
  • Safely travel to international destinations
  • Secure events and other venues
  • Surveillance and countersurveillance
  • Deployed intelligence collection
  • Rapid safeguarding of employees or other key assets.

TIS subsidiary, Terrorism Research Center, offers tailored support to the local, state, and federal emergency management and other homeland security missions[2]:

  • Architecting and managing State and Local fusion centers
  • Emergency Management Consultancy
  • Continuity of Operations/Continuity of Government (COOP/COG) Planning
  • NIMS Compliance and Adherence to the National Response Plan
  • Threat Communications and Public Relations
  • Mutual Aid and Assistance Planning and Agreements
  • Familiarization with the Target Capabilities List and Universal Task List
  • Grant and Training Awareness and Assistance
  • All-Hazards Simulations and Exercises
  • Department of Homeland Security-funded Responder Knowledge Base (RKB)

TIS also provides real time intelligence analysis of a variety of current events with their Global Fusion Center:

  • Political violence and terrorism
  • Infrastructure protection
  • Geopolitical developments
  • International criminal activities
  • Social instability and political conflict
  • Environmental and health-related threats
  • Macro-economic surveys and forecasts

Products offered by analysis:

  • Intelligence Assessments
  • Threat Assessments
  • Support to Operations
  • Daily Intelligence Summaries
  • Alternative Analyses
  • Longterm Forecasting
  • Language and translation services


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