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"Trajan Oil & Gas was formed in 2010 to explore for oil and gas in Central Europe and the Central/Eastern Mediterranean. The Company is named after the Roman Emperor, Trajan, one of Edward Gibbon’s five favourite emperors who, at the beginning of the second century, was responsible for extending the boundaries of the empire to encompass all the territory between the Carpathians and the Mediterranean.

"Two of the founders of Trajan had previously been involved in the creation and subsequent listing on AIM of Aurelian Oil & Gas. Named after Marcus Aurelius, another of Gibbon’s five favourite emperors, Aurelian today has interests in Poland, Slovakia and Romania.

"Michael Seymour retired from his executive role at Aurelian in 2010 and, with Miles Donnelly, have been joined by Richard Stabbins and Raymond Godson to build Trajan by focusing on areas with which they are closely familiar. The team individually and collectively have many years of experience and a highly successful track record over many decades with several E&P companies." [1]



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