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Trevor Cook was a Director of the Sydney-based PR firm Jackson Wells Morris, from May 1996 to November 2007. He also co-authors the Corporate Engagement blog. [1]

According to a biographical note "between 1987 and 1991 he was variously policy adviser, media adviser and chief of staff to Education Minister John Dawkins. Trevor has spearheaded JWM's expanding role in the field of corporate change and workplace communication. His portfolio includes work on start-ups, mergers, divestments and restructures. He has advised many clients on the appropriate development and use of Internet technology." [2]

"Since joining JWM, Trevor has worked for many major private and public sector organisations including the Australian Industrial Relations Commission, Insurance Council of Australia, Acer Computers, Tenix, Qantas, MLC, Telstra, Lend Lease, and Medibank Private," it states.

In July 2006 Cook launched an "anti-astroturfing" campaign against PR firms using front groups. "Astroturfing is evil. Astroturfing is always unethical and usually illegal. It corrodes democracy which relies on transparency. It is usually undertaken by people who are afraid, or lack the skills, to engage in open and honest public debates. Sometimes it is excused because the other side (NGOs and activists) are unreasonable or claim to represent more people than they really do. That excuse doesn't cut it. Astroturfing is a blight on the PR profession," Cook wrote. [3]

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