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"The Trusteeship Institute, Inc. (TI) was founded in 1973 by Terry Mollner for the purpose of furthering economic development based on Mohandas Gandhi’s theory of “trusteeship.”"[1]

Selling Without Selling Out Conference

"Terry Mollner had the idea that it would be valuable for many, particularly those who currently own socially responsible businesses and may end up selling them to larger corporations and students of the field, if there was a conference where some of the founders came and told the story of what they did to sustain their social policies and what they wish they had thought of in hindsight. He discussed it with Suzanne Biegel at the Spring Conference of the Social Venture Network. She was also enthusiastic about the idea. They decided on the spot to become the Co-Executive Producers of it and to make it happen. Terry also spoke with Martha Shaw of Earth Advertising and she immediately committed to be the media producer.

"Terry phoned Alan Abramson and Rachel Mosher-Williams at the Aspen Institute and presented the idea to them. They also immediately became enthusiastic and soon telephoned back with a commitment to make the first financial contribution to the project. Terry then contacted others: Calvert Group, Ben & Jerry’s, RSF Social Finance, B Corp, Nancy Brown, Wayne Silby, John Guffey, and Rustum Roy. They all agreed to make a contribution toward the project and its budget was soon fully funded. " [2]



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