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Tucker Eskew is the founder of Eskew Strategy Group, LLC—"a leader in developing and executing strategic communications for high-stakes policy battles"; the founding partner of ViaNovo, an "international management and communications consulting firm"; and a member of the advisory board of U.S. Newswire, a division of Medialink Worldwide. [1][2]


"As Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House Office of Global Communications until December 2003, Tucker headed the development of strategic communications to promote Administration policies and American values around the world. He coordinated wartime messages across all major cabinet agencies and with America's allies. Working with the senior-most officials of the Administration, Tucker conducted strategic communications planning prior to the Iraq war and shaped a series of post-war messages regarding America's successes and true intentions in the Middle East.

"During the war in Afghanistan, Tucker served in London as President Bush's representative to No. 10 Downing Street for communications strategy. He helped lead the Coalition Information Center, which coordinated efforts of the White House and the Blair government to proclaim the goals of the US-led war on terrorism." [3]

"Prior to his work with the White House, Eskew served in senior communications and advisory roles in presidential election campaigns for then-Governor George W. Bush and the Reagan-Bush '84 team," his biographical note states. [4]

Eskew's "Keppler Speakers" profile [current November 22, 2005,] states that he "has been at the center of every high-stakes political battle of the new century. From George W. Bush's come-from-behind 2000 primary win in South Carolina to the Florida recount, from 9/11 at the White House to the global war on terror, Eskew has been a 'close aide' and 'super surrogate' (US News & World Report) for President Bush. Throughout his tenure as Deputy Assistant to the President for Global Communications and since, as senior advisor to the successful Bush-Cheney re-election, Eskew has been a frequent panelist on Fox News Channel, CNN, Hardball, and The Today Show. He has also appeared on many other news programs discussing foreign affairs, domestic political strategy, and public opinion."

"Beginning at age 25, Tucker was Press Secretary and Communications Director to South Carolina Governor Carroll Campbell [for eight years]. ... He began his political career as Press Assistant—and later, Assistant Press Secretary—for President Ronald Reagan's 1984 re-election campaign." [5]

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