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"UI Energy Corporation is a leading resource development company in the KOSDAQ (Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) that promotes various overseas energy development businesses to secure energy sovereignty for Korea where focuses are in strategic investment and management of overseas oil and gas fields, new market development, and minerals developments in various fields.

"The corporation is making progress in various overseas energy development projects in the North America, where many potential energy developments are, and the Middle East, such as Iraq and Africa, where Korea companies have difficulty to enter into due to geopolitical and other political issues, through entering a partnerships with domestic, foreign and other global oil exploration companies with the highest qualifications. ."[1]

According to the Guardian: "It also lists US politicians on its payroll, saying: "Congressman Stephen J. Solarz, the former secretary of defence Frank C. Carlucci, the former ambassador to Egypt Nicholas A. Veliotes, and US commander for the Middle East General John P. Abizaid exercise their network and political influence to promote UI Energy on the development of oil fields in Iraq where the USA governs."" [1]

Advisory Board

Accessed September 2012: [2]


Web: http://www.uienergy.co.kr

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