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The USAID Deliver Project is a U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)-funded project which works with national and international partners and which is aimed at increasing the "availability of essential health supplies to clients and customers around the world by:

  • ensuring transparent and cost-effective procurement and delivery of commodities
  • strengthening and integrating national and international supply chains
  • creating more supportive national and international legal, regulatory, and policy environments
  • increasing coordination, commitment, and collaboration for commodity financing, procurement, and delivery
  • leveraging local resources to plan, procure, and deliver supplies
  • enhancing the availability and use of information for supply chain planning and monitoring."[1]

The project is run by John Snow, Inc.

The Malaria Component

Task Order 3 (TO3) of the project "provides USAID with a worldwide mechanism to support the President's Malaria Initiative and USAIDs goal of reducing the burden of malaria, especially in Africa. To help assist USAID in its implementation of malaria prevention and treatment programs, TO3 will procure, manage, and deliver high-quality, safe, and effective malaria commodities. TO3 will strengthen in-country supply chains by improving logistics management information systems, enhancing forecasting and procurement planning, developing efficient distribution systems, and identifying resources for procurement and supply chain operations."[1]

The malaria project is a five-year project, which "has a funding ceiling of $864 million, will support USAID's implementation of malaria prevention and treatment programs by procuring, managing, and delivering high-quality, safe, and effective malaria commodities; providing on-the-ground logistics capacity, technical assistance, and pharmaceutical management expertise; and offering technical leadership to strengthen the global supply, demand, and financing of malaria commodities."[2]

While the project is being led by John Snow, Inc., other consortium members are:[2]

One of the companies in the consortium, Abt Associates, states on its website that it "will contribute its expertise to the project by leveraging its long-standing work with social marketing organizations and private commercial providers of malaria commodities to tackle issues that stand in the way of product distribution. Our technical experts also will help address the availability and supply of malaria commodities at a global level and for the long term through policy and financial analysis."[2]

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