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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a web page that begins with dramatic audio and a quote from Jerome Corsi's book Atomic Iran There is no link to "Who Are We" or "About Us" or "About" No links to funding backers or an advisory board are shown.

A section titled Who Am I?;; states:

"I don't list my name because I receive enough hate mail as it is. Amazingly, I have been accused of being some right-wing subversive organization, all the way to an organization secretly backed by the Israeli government. Conspiracy theorists blast me for not buying their nutty "Bush caused 9/11" theories, and left-wingers attack me for my conservative views. My opinion of liberalism is it's the easy way out, if you want to escape reality, just keep your head buried in the sand, or somewhere else where the sun doesn't shine. I lay out what I believe is the major threats to this country, based on fact, not conspiracies or theories, if one chooses not to accept it, so be it. At least I tried - what have you done?" [1]

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  1. "Future America", accessed September 2007.