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"Union Jack Oil plc is an onshore oil and gas exploration company with a focus on drilling, development and investment opportunities in the United Kingdom hydrocarbon sector listed on the London Stock Exchange AIM market (Ticker: UJO).

"Our strategy is the rapid appraisal and exploitation of the assets currently owned. Simultaneous with this process, the Company’s management expect to continue to use their expertise to acquire further licence interests over areas where there is a short lead time between the acquisition of the interest and either exploration drilling or initial production from any oil or gas fields that may be discovered.

"The Company currently has four licences in the East Midlands Basin and remains in negotiation with several established companies to acquire licence interests in suitable projects."[1]

From 2013 Annual Report: Summary of Licence INTERESTS held by Union Jack Oil plc

  • Burton on the Wolds - PEDL201 10.0%
  • Wressle - PEDL180 8.33%
  • Biscathorpe - PEDL253 10.0%
  • North Kelsey - PEDL241 10.0%


Accessed May 2014: [2]

On admission to AIM in July 2013, William O’Dea, nonexecutive director stepped down from the Board


Web: http://unionjackoil.com/

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