V. N. Vasudev

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"Dr.Vasudev started his professional career as an Economic Geologist in year 1973 with the Karnataka State Dept. of Mines and Geology, India. During his 20 years tenure in the State Department he worked as a Mining Geologist for 6 years at the Karnataka Copper Consortium and M/s Chitradurga Copper Co. Ltd. There after he continued to serve the State Dept. as a Geologist incharge of planning and execution of metalliferous mineral exploration projects.

"Between 1984 to 2000, Dr.Vasudev has carried out geological mapping and conceptual exploration for gold in the greenstone belts of the Dharwar Craton, South India, with Dr. Brian Chadwick, a renowned Structural Geologist at Exeter University, UK. Together, they have worked out the structure, stratigraphy and tectonics of a major portion of the Dharwar Craton.

"Vasudev started his career as the Chief Geologist with Geomysore Services (India) Pvt. Ltd. in Sept 1994 as a Target Generator for gold, basemetals & Ni-PGMs. Currently he is working as Director of Mineral Exploration in Geomysore Services (India) Pvt Ltd. He served as a Director on the Board of Geomysore Services for 10 years. Besides, he is also a Consultant to Deccan Gold Mines Ltd. Vasudev had exposure to gold and nickel deposits of Western Australia in October 1995 when he visited about 25 gold mines, 2 nickel mines and one Copper Mine.

"As part of his engagements in Geomysore Services he has rendered consultancy services mainly for gold in Ghana, Djibouti, & Ethiopia, Zambia, Kelantan State in Malaysia, Cambodia & Philippines. Vasudev has published over 50 research papers in national and international journals and over 100 exploration technical reports. Vasudev has served as a Member of the Core Committee on Precious Metals for the 12th Five Year Plan of India and also served as a Member of the Committee on Strategic Minerals. He also served twice as a Member of the National Geoscience Awards Committee.

"Dr.Vasudev, as a representative of FIMI (Federation of Indian Mineral Industries, New Delhi), has been actively associated with the National Mineral Policy of India and contributed to the refinement of the Draft MMDR Bill 2009-2011 and again in 2014-15. He is the Chairman of the FIMI Standing Committee on Non-Ferrous Metals and Precious Metals."