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VNR-1 Communications is a Texas-based video production firm that offers video news releases (VNRs), audio news releases (ANRs), satellite media tours, radio media tours, public service announcements, media training, podcasting, business video productions, Hispanic productions, network syndications and distribution, according to its website. [1]

VNR-1 is a founding member of the VNR lobby group, the National Association of Broadcast Communicators.

Fake radio news

In a PR Week December 2006 "PR Toolbox" column, VNR-1's Christopher Sweet offered some helpful hints for placing audio news releases (ANRs), the radio cousin of VNRs. "The use of guaranteed airings has become an attractive option for clients," said Sweet. With "guaranteed airings," he explained, "spot time is purchased, but the ANR airs in its entirety during a prime-time news segment. The result is an airing which is sufficiently embedded in news programming and garners all the potential audience numbers the network of choice has to offer." Sweet suggested that interested companies hire "broadcast PR vendors with strong radio-network relationships" to find a "guaranteed airings system that suits your concept and budget." Neither Sweet nor PR Week mentioned listeners' right to know that such segments are sponsored PR material. [2]


VNR-1's clients include (longer list here):

Contact details

VNR-1 Communications, Inc
711 Stadium Drive, Suite 210
Arlington, Texas 76011
Telephone: (800) 937-8671 (YES-VNR1)
Local: 817-794-0555
Fax: 817-794-0552
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