Verband der Cigarettenindustrie

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THE Verband der Cigaretten Industry, usually known in the tobacco documents simply as "Verband" [but the correct German spelling is "Verband der CigarettenIndustrie"], is a trade organization for the German tobacco industry, and also serves as a NMA (National Manufacturers Association) for Germany. In Europe, these NMA's for the various national tobacco industries function in a manner similar to the way the Tobacco Institute operates in the US as a centralised organiser of disinformation and scientific corruption.

The Verband der Cigarettenindustrie (VdC) is the German trade association of cigarette manufacturers whose members include the German and Austrian tobacco companies (Reemstma, Brinkmann, H van Landwyck, Austria Tabak, and three smaller companies), as well as the German branches of three transnational firms (PM, RJR, and BAT). It comprises five departments: industrial activities, trade issues, marketing, public affairs, and the scientific department.

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